The whole area of mission, as explored by the global church, has developed over the centuries to become largely expressed through aid and short-term support to areas of extreme poverty.

But the deeper you look into the life of a person who has sacrificed much to be with the poor and needy, the more you start to realise that mission is less and less about aid and reaction to crisis. It is actually more about simple principles of consistency and time, together with a selfless attitude and genuine heart of love.

What if it is not about bringing the ‘west’ to the poor, but rather about being with the poor in their setting? What would the long-term effects be in an impoverished community if we stopped providing hand outs, but instead provided a hand up?

Off the map, away from any bright lights and certainly not making news headlines, ‘mission’ is being redefined upon these simple principles. Can you redefine your contribution?

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This documentary, available from January 2010, shares the story and experiences of a small group of people based in Western Romania who have given there lives to be with the poor and needy.

NetWorks Romnaia, the organisation at the heart of the film, is a Christian mission working amongst some of the poorest of the poor in north-west Romania; and as a group of people are looking to see both physical and spiritual transformation in the communities where we work.

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