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In the third and final episode from their odyssey into the mighty backcountry of Yellostone National Park and the Beartooth Mountains, skiers Morten Agersnap and Marcus Lantz and cinematographer Klaus Elmer are being fed to the local wolves. They experience which difference it makes sleeping wrapped in down, they burn out their lungs trying to keep up with local wolves, and they lay down soft, powder turns among the many burned trees within the park. Enjoy, and remember to get away from that computer screen and go out and explore some wilderness on your own.

Production - Klaus Elmer
Skiers - Marcus Lantz & Morten Agersnap
Music - Idle Time & Blessed Be the Young Children by Flood
Special thanks to Dick and Mary DeBernardis; Beau Fredlund, Ben Zavora and the rest of the Beartooth Powder Guides; and all the other generous people that helped us realize this winter adventure of a lifetime.

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