4Slash is a Fusion of data, design & technology. A results-driven Marketing Communications Services Company. We integrate technology with critical agendas to drive strategic business outcomes.

Our Mission is your Business .... "The team at 4Slash puts a lot of effort in behind the scenes to make sure you have a great marketing piece, which will stand out and more importantly, have the right messaging to catch the intended audience. Another perk is working with a company that has the techno, designers and branding "brains" all in one location, more solid finished piece as everyone works together and is involved in the whole process so nothing gets lost in translation" -- Ma'avia | Managing Director | 4Slash

Who we are? Simply an imagination incubator

The visual identity of the 4Slash is inspired by the community it comprises: Highly creative people from all kinds of backgrounds come together, inspire each other and collaboratively develop a vision of the future.

This unique offering of the 4Slash is reflected in the logo design. Each of the three shapes stands for one individual's contribution, the resulting shape represents the outcome of this process: A constant redefinition of what media and technology means today.


Today’s brands exist and grow in a real time environment. An environment expanding as quick as we can post, poke, pin, email, blog, like, tweet, share, comment and search for a brand. Customers are talking back. Customers now have infinite choices and the confidence to look beyond local, and buy from global brands. A brand can no longer hide and nor do we think it should. This is how we can help.

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