I´m proud to present Maxon Cinema 4D Manipulation Masterclass. The primary thrust of this lesson is the myriad ways that particles can be manipulated for use. I will dispel the simplistic concept of particles as mere points. I teach methods of using particles to create very non-typical particle models. Models grown from particles that react in realtime to deformers, cloners and dynamics.

Enjoy a quick start to the C4D emitter features and then jump right in to particle use that will open your mind to new possibilities for your VFX portfolio. You will be taught new ways to control particles. Further, you will then learn to model from those particles. If you think you've 'seen it all', I´m here to prove you wrong.

More about the tutorial: c4d.cz/article.aspx?a=60

Music: Beyond Our Eyes, Back to the Roots

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