Networking and working with likeminded people is what makes the world not only 'go round', but enjoyable and profitable.

International Referral was designed to assist forward thinking firms with the highest standards by providing new business opportunities and a reliable referral service. We currently have over 700 high profile members around the world and have held events from Dubai to Brussels.

Based on ethical principles, the focus is on quality, trust and shared ideals. This creates a hub that can cater to any need! The International Referral head office is available to provide introductions, referrals, recommendations, advice and support within the business, high net worth & luxury sectors.

We offer members unrivalled exposure and value by being able to provide a platform for them to feature an up to date profile on their business, current news, deal and advisory requests and strategic proposals where required.

As the International Ambassador and Global Expansion Director of the network:
• I help in developing the group's expansion and growth strategy;
• I am interested to help firms and individuals joining our group;
• I work directly with members firms to achieve their goals;
• I bring direct business and business development initiatives to members of the network;
• I lead the training unit of the network.

If you interested to learn more on our unique global network, to join as a member (with special benefits) or partner with us, Please get in direct contact with me at:

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