In the high Middle Ages, the Republic of Venice established itself as one of the most wealthy and decadent powers on the globe. Its Doge, Senators, Courtesans and Bishops indulged in her prosperity.

Today, we are each afforded a similar lifestyle of amusing debauchery. Like Venice, we all revel in the ephemeral chaos we assume to be freedom.

Ring-around-a-rosie is a narrative about our current decadent age. We follow the trail of a young woman, out to indulge in a night of debauchery: drugs, alcohol, dancing and sex, with friends, strangers and lovers. Her night is interrupted with flashbacks of the similar excess pleasures practiced by the privileged in the Republic of Venice. But just as the Black Plague of the fourteenth century dampened the courtier’s lavish adoration for sex, wine and drugs, in the nine minutes of our own young woman’s life we question: What will bring our own party to an end?

Cannes Film Festival, France 2008 - Short Film Corner
DC Shorts Film Festival, USA 2008
Sexy International Film Festival, Australia 2008

"Best Director" 2008 SIFF

Copyright 2007 Likerish Productions Pty Ltd

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