Concert from 23.09.13 in Braunschweig.

KONKRET ZU ABSTRAKT are Ralf Haarmann and Frank Niehusmann.
They play electroacoustic music as a duo since 2002.
Ralf Haarmann plays melodica, balloon, mandolin, violin bow, claves, feedback and lost property: all live and electronically manipulated, sampled and looped in real-time.
Frank Niehusmann beats everything that looks like a sample: sounds of construction equipment, kitchen accidents, piano chords or extraterrestrial signals. His electronic drums are hacked: an algorithm for serial aleatoric interventions permanently ensures joyful complexity and improvisational composition.
The technology at "Konkret zu Abstrakt" is charmingly positioned as a tool to get interesting problems. With virtuosity and precision these two offensive players take care that their music never sounds too much like a composition. What appears in a suspiciously synchronous way is quickly brought out of beats and bars.


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