Including projects from 2010 to 2013.
Most of the compositing works were done in Nuke. Some of them were done in Adobe After Effects.
Some were teamworks. Some were composited by me. Shot responsibilities listed below.

00:02 Fuze Tea: Zoetrope_1stAveMachine_Compositor (Clean Up)
00:05 Panera: Anthem_1stAveMachine_Compositor
00:06 Panera: BreadAndBaking_1stAveMachine_Compositor
00:09 Retail Me Not_1stAveMachine_Compositor
00:11 Ford: Cmax_1stAveMachine_Compositor (Roto)
00:12 Volkswagen: Paper_1stAveMachin_Compositor(Tracking & Clean Up)
00:13 Direct Line: CarReplace_1stAveMachine_Compositor (Clean Up)
00:15 HP Ink: Birthday_1stAveMachine_Compositor
00:17 Burger King: Happy Feet_1stAveMachine_Compositor
00:22 Microsoft: Windows8_1stAveMachine_Compositor (Roto)
00:23 Cadilac: Director's Cut_1stAveMachine_Compositor (Clean Up)
00:25 Truvia: Cafe_1stAveMachine_Compositor & Matte Painter
00:29 Truvia: Kitchen_1stAveMachine_Compositor & Matte Painter
00:31 Carolinas HealthCare System: How We Work_1stAveMachine_Compositor (Roto & Keying)
00:31 Federal Student Aid_1stAveMachine_Compositor
00:32 Bank of New York_Paralysis_1stAveMachine_Compositor
00:33 DeLaSoul: Get Away_Music Video_CG Compositor
00:36 HTC_Radar_1stAveMachine_Compositor
00:37 HTC_Titan_1stAveMachine_Compositor
00:40 Federal Student Aid_1stAveMachine_Compositor
00:41 Cadillac: Director's Cut_1stAveMachine_Compositor (Clean Up & Tracking)
00:43 HP Ink: Holiday_1stAveMachine_Compositor
00:44 Museum Interactive: Moma_1stAveMachine_Lead Compositor & Lead Animator
00:45 Vaseline: Never Again_1stAveMachine_Compositor
00:46 Vaseline: New Dawn_1stAveMachine_Compositor
00:47 LadyStickSpeed_Horgarth_Compositor (Retouch)
00:49 Zappos: Eric_1stAveMachine_Compositor (Clean Up)
00:50 Zappos: Tom_1stAveMachine_Compositor (Clean Up)
00:51 Qualcomm: Pitch_1stAveMachine_Compositor
00:52 Honda: Clutter_1stAveMachine_Lead Compositor
00:53 Burger King: Ride_1stAveMachine_Compositor (Color)
00:56 Truvia: Kitchen_1stAveMachine_Compositor
00:57 Scope: Onion Breakdown_1stAveMachine_Compositor (Clean Up & Roto)
00:58 Volkswagen: Clay_1stAveMachine_Compositor (Clean Up & Tracking)
01:00 Carolinas HealthCare System: Fish_1stAveMachine_Compositor (Clean Up)

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