Last week we told you how the government shut down is affecting students. This week, Landry Russell was our man on the street asking if students really knew what was going on.

Today I spoke with some students all over campus to see what the really knew about the government shut down.

Landry Russell: "Now what do you know about the government shutdown?"

Frank Alexander: "Well I haven't been following the news much lately but what I know is that there are some limitations in services that are being provided at this time. But as to what exactly how it affects us, I'm not sure."

Bobby Tatom: "The government shut down a bunch of small welfare organizations because they can't figure out a way to fund Obamacare and pay themselves at the same time."

Landry Russell: "Have you been keeping up with the government shut down?"

Ciera Phillips: "A little bit but not that much."

Landry Russell: "What can you tell me about it?"

Ciera Phillips: "I know that they didn't come to an agreement and shut it down because from what I heard recently was because they were trying to defund Obamacare and all these different things they were trying to fight over and they just didn't get it done in time and they just shut down the government."

Landry Russell: "Have you been following the government shutdown?"

Nick Bowling: "No not at all."

Landry Russell: "Do you know what happens on October 17th?"
Nick Bowling: "I do not."

Landry Russell: “Do you know what happens on the 17th?"

Frank Alexander: "No."

Landry Russell: "The government basically runs out of money. Do you know what that means?"

Frank Alexander: "Oh that would be bad. That would mean that we would default on some of our payments, maybe the bond rates would go up, and as a finance student I know that the interest rates would raise and that would be more expensive for the consumers."

Landry Russell: "Do you know what's going to happen on the 17th?"

Bobby Tatom: "No idea."

Landry Russell: "Basically the government runs out of money. Do you know what that means?"

Bobby Tatom: "I have to pay for school?"

Landry Russell: "It's a little bit more complicated than that."

Landry Russell: "Do you know what's going to happen on October 17th?"

Ciera Phillips: "No I do not."
Landry Russell: "Okay the United States basically runs out of money. We'll have some cash on hand and money coming in from tax receipts but we'll have no other way to pay about 30% of our bills."

Landry Russell: "Interest rates are going to go way down, then they're going to go way up. The value of the dollar is going to go down and it's just going to affect the world economy and will be a huge financial crisis. Do you have any thoughts on that?"

Bobby Tatom: "I'm going to be broke on the 17th? Pretty much?"
Landry Russell: "Yeah pretty much."

Landry Russell: "What are your thoughts on that?"

Nick Bowling: "Uh honestly I don't really keep up with any of that."

Landry Russell: "Well it's really bad for the world economy if our government stays shut down and the debt ceiling isn't raised the world economy is going to go completely down. It's going to be a huge financial crisis all over the world."

Landry Russell: "No thoughts on that? Okay."

Landry Russell: "Do you know how that's going to affect the world?"

Ciera Phillips: "No but it can't be good."

Landry Russell: "So basically what's going to happen is it's not just going to affect the United States' economy but it's going to affect the world economy. There's going to be long term high unemployment rates, interest rates are going to fall initially and then skyrocket, the value of the dollar and all currency really is going to plummet. So do you have an opinion on that?"

Ciera Phillips"that's really bad so we should fix that before that happens because our problem shouldn't be the world's problem."

Some students knew what was going on, some didn't, and some didn't care, but regardless of whether you care or not, this is an important issue and you need to get informed on it.

Reporting for campus watch, I'm Landry Russell.

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