I consider this film as a paradigm shift in respect to my directing style. Not for the fact that I had to be speculant in not only casting the parts, but most importantly directing, writing it, editing it, and figuring out how all aspects of filmmaking could potentially work unanimously to great a impacting Story and Feeling. Throughout this film, I tried to maintain the idea inspired in “Ride” and “Never Forgotten” which would be to explore the universal feeling of love by exercising visual storytelling. Not to forget that the main idea is to explore the nature of love, to what extent is this overwhelming influence justifiable? All during making a – in my opinion – memorable coming of age love story. I consider this film very unique because of it strong imagery and the different use of symmetry to evoke an uncomfortable feeling. Basically, this is further exploration of a medium.

Reality has the tendency to hurt us and to disappoint us, it is because of this that we create fiction stories because through them we are able to escape. At least in our stories we can be whatever we want to be, create perfection in an imperfect world. At least in our stories we are able to have the love we want, to experience the lives we wished we had, but probably can never have. This is said regardless of horror, abhorrence, tenderness, or sensitivity, because the magic of film to make you romanticize about an adventure with a love that is true to you whether it might be through light, or through dark. I feel like this statement of the twisted promise of love isn’t only stated in the work as a unanimous collaboration between screenwriting-acting-cinematography-direction, and soundtrack, but it is also beautifully revealed through the slow developing actions of the protagonists. Taking this into consideration, Danish film director Nicolas Winding Refn was a major inspiration in regards to the narrative and thematic structure of Us. I tried to replicate his brilliant storytelling technique in which his slow camerawork not only enhances the feeling of a scene, but also to accentuate its sinister themes which the film is based upon. Winding Refn tries to tell his stories visually, which I feel is the purest form of cinema due to the fact that cinema is a visual medium that immerses and astounds you by the beauty through camera.

Rafael Gandra – Main Boy
Linn Stalhberg – Main Girl
Rodrigo Ussier - Principal
Biel Ribeiro - Police Man
Maria Fernanda Moura – Extra Help
Rebecca Rocha Negro – Extra Help
Beatriz Jacob – Extra Help
Ms. Viola - Support
Dr. Halbe - Support
And my mother and father – For being annoying

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