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Film by Spotlight Story Productions LLC:

Film Synopsis:
Even in the harsh realities of the Ambedkar Nagar Slum in Jaipur, India there is hope for the next generation to rise up from the poverty and life struggles that they face every day.

Slum of Dreams is a provocative film from director Sean Story that compares the life of a girl, Radha, who has been blessed with a scholarship to attend school, to Mandira, who must forgo school in order to contribute to her family by mopping floors and washing dishes. Is there any hope for Mandira and how is Radha's life different because of her opportunity?

Film Credits:
Spotlight Story Productions :
Young Dreamer Network :

Director: Sean Story

First Assistant Director: Brian Buntz

Cinematographer: Sean Story

Production Assistants: Pragya Sharma, Hector Flamenco, Brian Buntz

Translator : Pragya Sharma

Editor / Colorist: Sean Story

Sound Editor: John Gomez

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