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Reviews can be important to apps, not just from the press, but perhaps more crucially from users. There are lots of fantastic apps in the App Store that come close to greatness, but issues both small and big can tarnish them. Apps that could get five-star reviews don't get the accolades they should.

The reasons can range from missing features, to UI issues, to perception problems – and they're usually fixable. This talk looks at examples of where other apps have gone slightly wrong, so developers can learn from others and make sure that their own apps get the scores they deserve.

00:00 — @stuffmc: "I've known Matthew for… days"
02:10 — I'm here to ask "Are you making a 5-star app?"
04:50 — Don't ask for a review at bad moments...
10:13 — Don't use notifications to annoy your users...
14:10 — Be carefull when changing standard user interface expectations
19:59 — An interface can be as good as a feature
26:45 — Inflexibility: features that people might not want at all
31:43 — If you're gonna be utilitarian, it should be simple to understand
37:36 — Don't promise too much, don't let people down
42:00 — Those things seems obvious.. but not...
47:24 — But these are all just examples. Be the exception!
50:01 — NEXT: Erik Romijn — iOS security: super simple stuff

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