For SEO services:

Search Engine Optimization is basically a process of getting your website content ranked high in the search engines such as google and bing. The question now arises what is the criteria behind google ranking websites one above the other? What makes the website rank higher than the one below it? The process of getting the website climb up the rankings is called Search Engine Optimization. It is also the process of keeping the website in the top ranks which means that it is an on-going process and to continuously benefit from it in the long term it must be continued. The basic criteria of google and other search engines is to give the customers the best results possible when a search query is made. This criteria is arrived by the search engines by using a set of standards and formula called algorithm. We -- My WEB and SEO team make sure to follow the criteria exactly as stated by the google so that it ranks our websites higher than the others of a similar category. Google likes our SEO better because we follow search criteria very closely. We customize our presence on the web the way google and other search engines wants to see us. Because of this they reward us and rank us better against our competitors.

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