This is my first proper test of RAW video on my Canon 7D thanks to Magic Lantern.

I used hand-held Canon 7D with EF 50mm 1.4 lens and SanDisk 60Mb/s CF card producing resolution of 1728x736 without additional crop.
For the outdoor shots camera was set on around f2.0 and 100ISO, for the indoor shots it was set on around f1.6 and 500ISO.

In post I used Rawmagic, Davinci Resolve Lite 9 and Premiere Pro CS6. I delivered the material from Davinci in Apple ProRes 444 and then edited it in Premiere. Unfortunately I had to export in h.264 QuickTime due to my "snail-fast" internet connection.

I experienced a lot of pinkish and purplish fringing in grading process. Also, a lot of material was simply not usable due to sort of half-dropped-frames (where half of the frame is either purple or black or both), but I guess I need a better CF card to get better results.
Also, I'm not exactly experienced in grading, so I guess my final product might be lots better if a pro did that. :)

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