On 5th October 2013 I was invited as Alfredo Álvarez (Children Of Darklight) to be part of the artists who where performing at Noche Blanca Oviedo 2013, my city’s White Night. Together with Nacho García-Cosío (Fotografi.es), Iván Lucio y Javier Jiménez (Riders Of Light), Iván Barco (Herramientas LightPainting) and 17 volunteers, we made possible this project. We made a 2 minute lightpainting photo of an old walk`s mosaic in a centric park of Oviedo. The photo was taken from 12 meters high by two camera operators, while 19 people where painting simultaneously with lights, well sincronized and organized. People worked very well from the beginning and we got the final shot at the third attempt. We are proud of our sponsors Led Lenser and Herramientas Lightpainting, which provided us with the best torches and lightpainting tools, without their support this would have been much more difficult. The photo was taken at F16 and ISO100. Many streetlamps where turned off for the event. The kiosk workers also participated in the photo by turning on the lights just 3 seconds for its right exposition and then turned them off again. It was a great experience and we are very happy with the final photo
www ChildrenOfDarklight.com
www facebook.com/ChildrenOfDarklight

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