The message was delivered in St. Louis, Missouri at The Soul-Esteem Center

All are welcomed to attend our service, Sundays 10:30 am.

Go to for more info.

This Week's Affirmation
Today I acknowledge my uniqueness and give myself permission to step out of old, worn out habit patterns which no longer serve me. I now consciously create new patterns of thought, feeling and behavior which support my individuality and enhance the rhythms of my life. I celebrate God’s Wisdom and Grace as my own, knowing that I am an expression of Love, goodness, and right action. And so it is!

About Us
The Soul-Esteem Center was founded in April, 1997 by Rev. Phylis Clay Sparks. The SEC is an independent and diverse spiritual community coming together to share the experience of God, to discover and develop spiritual confidence, and to learn the practical application of spiritual principles. We are focused on the oneness of all life, the healing power of Love, and the co-creative relation ship between God and the individual.

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