A man called 'Shirley' and his wife 'Julie' find their favourite pet fish dead in their aquarium.

'Julie' has a strong suspicion that her husband might have desires for a younger woman named 'Lucy'.

Secretly, 'Lucy' fantasizes about murdering 'Julie'.

'Shirley' and 'Julie' decide to host a party. There are copious amounts of illicit drugs involved and 'Lucy' has been invited.

We join the party as the drugs begin to take effect...

The movie in its entirety comes in at about 40 minutes. A little too long to post on Vimeo as one part without major compression.

I shot this drama back in 2003, handheld Mini-dv with a Sony PD150p. I created this film in line with most of the restrictions imposed by the inspired DOGME95 MANIFESTO of Thomas Vinterberg and Lars von Trier.

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