Finally i managed to get the video from this years "Old Style Car Show" in Balingen (Ger) done.

Again the O.S.C.S. was absolutely worth the travel......fantastic weather, awesome music, great staff and an absolutely magnificent variety of cars due to the "1983 production year-restriction" (is that even a thing ? xD) which i definitely love the most.

If you want to visit a decent oldstyle car meet/show in germany which isnt completely commercialized and/or flooded by new-age retro-shit, then GOD DAMNED !!! .... you have to go there next year ! (more infos @ )

Music : The Flying Eyes - Under Iron Feet , from theire new album "Lowlands" which i highly recommend to purchase......u know.....since its......AWESOME!

Also make sure to visit for the most bad ass pictures of the OSCS Balingen and the other great old metal regarding car shows in germany, switzerland and austria...., that guy absolutely nails it when it comes to photography!!

Now watch the video and for christ's sake.........ENJOY IT!:P

.....aww yea and share/like/subscribe, its good for you !

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