Format: mini DV
Length: 24 Sec.
Completed: 19 March 2009
Budget: $212.00

Log line
A Mountain Dew Commercial: God tricks a man into killing millions of people and himself just so he can drink a cold Mountain Dew.


This was made for "Mountain Dew and Fox's 24 Seconds to Save the World / make your own commercial contest." It took me and Shaun about five seconds to write this, and half a day to do the boards and get all the costumes, props, sets, and actors figured out.

There was a total of 6 hours of shooting on two separate days. The budget was spent on a SWAT helmet, JELLO, dark hairspray, long white beard and wig, and white cloth for God's robe and backdrop. It was about a day to edit and do voice over work, and one full day to do all the visual effects and sound.

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