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The site proposal aims at creation of a contemporary multifunctional urban space for the active life in the growing city. Action is not only a physical culture and sports lifestyle. We believe that the right goal for this new Nashville urban re-development is an interaction between different types of active functions: sports, leisure, fitness, health-care, tourism and business. Several contradictions here are the keys for the site program. The ideas of transformation come from the formula of a new area, which is ecologically based on the preservation of significant part of the natural floodplain and at the same time has a strong protection against the unexpected flood. Another tempting contradiction is between openness to the city and the need to protect the site from the traffic of encircling transport arteries.
One of the main proposal features is that different functional zones are organized around a distinct types of landscapes. Every quarter and every functional zone is, in its essence, a park space with its own basic spacial fabric (and, of course, the building roofgardens also). At the same time we propose a complicated interactive transformation of different types of plan geometry, urban design elements and architecture into a unique dynamic functional abstract urban form.
The plan scheme is based on the traditional European anti-food landscape structure -- the wide water drain channel. The angular geometry of the new water artery reminds of the 17--18 century fortress designs and so-called "visionary cities". The channel should be used for water sports (canoe, boating, etc.) and it helps to organize different life on the isle and the mainland and create the connections between these spaces. The main sport spaces (with two light-weight transforming-roof arena buildings): badminton, bmx, bike, basketball, parkour / free-running would be concentrated on the isle (with the natural relief preserved) and the mainland will host the health-care and medical center, which is literally the heart of the site, and several other functional zones: hotel, business park,
automated car parking, which would be gathered around the "heart" to protect it from the traffic of Interstate 24 and Shelby Avenue. The waterfront would be equipped with the new light-weight wooden-covered embankment with 24-hour active bars, restaurants, shops and public amphitheater. The Music City Bikeway is proposed to run along this zone. Two public piers and a river ferry station for the river-travelling and transport connection to the opposite bank are here too. In the west part of the site we propose the unique addition to Nashville skyline and the future city guests luxury shelter -- the hotel tower with the innovative block of panoramic-view penthouses. The cantilevered top volume is supported by the frame-structure, which is reinforced by operated plates with the fine green gardens.
The hotel conference center, spa and restaurants are connected to the business park and to the new bridge, quiet and active park spaces by the curvy system of pedestrian bridges.
The business park offices are lifted off the ground on pylons and boxes to allow the park to slip underneath and connect the new and the the existing urban fabric. The main infrastructure of the proposal is presented by the green embankments, new alley streets and avenues, the tunnel under Interstate 24 and the new wide car and pedestrian cablestayed bridge (with a cafe on the top of the pylon) for the connection to a new development on the opposite bank of Cumberland.
Dear citizens: transform, interact, play, live in the new landscape spaces and be active in Nashville now! You are welcome :)

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