Uh. Yeah. Just another montage of things that happened (oh my how interesting amirite).
Honestly, I tried so hard to time it to the music but he ehehehe hehe.
Anyway, yes, just preschool editing (no literally i just cut clips and hope for the best) of what was the hap haps during September/beginning of October.

It's just a lot of footage of Will and Sean loving each other.

If any of you find aaaany clip offensive or too private, just message me and I will privatise it or take it down. The video is just a bit of fun, experimenting times, so I'm very sorry if its online presence makes you uncomfortable.

The song is 'The Party Song' by blink-182 and it was a mere coincidence that I was listening to it today and thought "hot damn!"
Sorry if I ruined it for you ok /foreverinsecureaboutdecisionsandcreativity/

Enjoy, motherluvas! I hope your September was just as good!

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