THE MUFFIA is a series of sexy and fun books for and about women.
Synopsis: Madelyn Scott-Crane is a smart, 42-year-old professional mediator and single mom who's having the best sex of her life after twenty-two months of self-imposed abstinence, inspired by the ladies of her book club, The Muffia, and the Muff’s latest racy read. But on their second date, as Maddie and her mysterious Israeli heartthrob, Udi, come together in orgasmic splendor that may or may not be love, Udi collapses on top of her. Dead.
When Udi’s “friends”—who resemble large appliances—arrive to claim his body, the Muffs decide that Udi had secrets, and they need to know what those secrets were. That’s when these well-read women put down their books and set out to expose the truth—whatever the dangerous truth might be.
International intrigue combines with literary pursuits, lots of home-cooked food, and a little vibrator shopping. One book club, seven women with seven stories, more than seven fabulous meals and at least seven sex scenes all wrapped up in one smart, sexy novel that’s just this side of scandalous.

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