The video quickly demonstrates some of the features of a recent script/plugin collection I have been working on in the past few months.

The video has no audio, so please see the notes below of explanation:

00:10 showing that we try to work on a corrective shape while another blendshape is active (driven by the open jaw)
00:24 the joint 'head_skin' is the driver for leaning the head back
00:36 the tool displays an error with the mesh, because it has multiple intermediate shape nodes
00:45 the Hypergraph shows the multiple shape nodes
01:07 loading the mesh into the editor and deleting the unnecessary shape nodes
01:17 setting up the weight driver (pose reader) by selecting the driving joint (the asterisk * marks the joint as a skin influence) - all important settings are based on the joint
01:26 sculpting the corrective shape
01:42 exiting the sculpt mode; the weight driver is created and connected with the blendshape target
01:53 shows the range of influence of the weight driver
02:10 entering tweak mode for the corrective to make adjustments
02:34 switching between different interpolation modes of the weight driver
03:09 adding a new inbetween for the corrective shape
03:26 adjusting the position of the inbetween shape
03:36 hiding the weight driver from the menu
04:16 deleting the corrective shape

Model by Andrew Silke

Available at:

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