LS:N Global presented its most titillating Trend Briefing to date – XX v XY – to a packed house of delegates from all sectors of the lifestyle industries.

Not merely an examination of the battle of the sexes, but an overarching assessment of shifting gender roles, the briefing revealed the trends driving these shifts and what they mean for brands. The afternoon was spent unpacking what it means to be a man and a woman in the 21st century.

The Future Laboratory and LS:N Global introduced the audience to the Athena Woman and the Re-Con Man. Strong, wise and entrepreneurial, the Athena Woman thinks that sweat is sexy and wants to be the leader of the pack. But as women rise, male norms are in flux. The Re-Con Man is the reconfigured, reconstituted man who is embracing the shift in roles to do what he wants to do, return to his passions and recast his masculinity in a self-affirming way.

Filmmaker: James Maiki
Music: Joe Ashworth

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