This is a great effect and is used in most night clubs however you should be aware that like all things that we enjoy there are alway risks involved.

The best way to limit risks is to understand what they are so i have given you some information below to help guide you.


Red flickering light and strobe or disco lights can trigger seizures, particularly if the room is darkened and there are other triggers such as stress, excitement, tiredness and/or alcohol. For those who are photosensitive the risk will depend on the speed at which the lights flash.

The frequency of flashing light most likely to trigger seizures varies from person to person. Generally it is between 8-30Hz or flashes per second, but can vary for individuals.

If you would like more information please goto this website

Available in Queensland and Sydney

All our lights are available for purchase but are custom built. All lights take around two weeks from order so please enquire for pricing or more information on the number below

Neil Powell
Ph: 0433 501 613

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