This video was taken at Fantasy Of Flight where we were performing on an active runway. Lots of nice airplanes and kites. This ATV from E-Force has all the torque and power of a gas ATV. It was great flying our kites from an ATV again. Our shows started using a gas ATV that belonged to Pete Foy back in the 80's when we were selling kites at hot air balloon festivals in Canada. Then we were the Shooting Star Kite Show. When the wind stoped blowing we fired up the ATV and pulled our kites! This led to using watercraft when we came to Walt Disney World to develop Surprise In The Skies show in 1991. A multi million dollar show performed at Epcot. Our thanks to Pete for being such an important part in this part of our history. Today Kiteman Productions performs most of is shows using watercraft so we can create our own wind.

Please note our Feather Banner products on display. Checkerboard in front of the hangar and a few colored ones way back behind the bi-wing planes.

Pilot: Tim Yousey
Driver: Russ Daley
Walker: Kevin White
Photographer #1: Michael Keating
Photographer #2: John Lutter
Behind the Video camera: Bruce Flora

Music: Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine by Shake That Little Foot (

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