Tuna, Horseradish, and Caviar Recipe

For the full recipe, please go to NobiloWines.com

Developed by New Zealand-born Chef Matt Lambert.
Prep and Cook Time: 60 Minutes. All prep is cold and served at the minute | Serves: 4

“This dish is very natural and fresh, making it a perfect appetizer! The good thing with this recipe is that it has a good amount of texture, a component that makes most raw fish plates excellent. The dish has tight raw tuna seared tataki style, with nice chew. This texture is accomplished by its 20-minute brine. The flavour notes are both bright and refreshing— especially from the raw and pickled celery. The feijoa is very unique to New Zealand (although it originates in Brazil) and brings natural acidity to the plate. I incorporated caviar because life is to be enjoyed! There is a degree of difficulty in the plating of this dish, which can also be interpreted into your own personal style, but who doesn’t love a challenge?”
– Chef Matt Lambert

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