Once upon a winter's night, in 2005, I had a dream. The next week, my homies Naftali Rutter and Nicole Clay Moon were in town. We dashed around the Presidio one day and made this dreamy flic. I had just released my album "the Garden Sings" around then. The song with the acoustic guitars is "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", off that record. I also used the Boredoms "Sea Drum" and George Kranz's "Din Daa Daa".

The movie is named after an abandoned radio tower on a ridge there in the Presidio. It's amazingly beautiful, with the most sweeping views I've seen of our fair Bay Area.
It's hecka scary getting up there, though, and was very accessible until the Parks Service added some new razor wire and disconnected the first flight of stairs a few years ago.

We finished this thing in thanksgiving week of 2005. Why'd it take me 'till now (t-giving 2009) to drop it? Ask the Ages.

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