What is TheEzCall?
TheEzCall is a simple, real time appointment and call reminder center. TheEzCall will help you save time, money and run your business efficiently.
Let’s meet Jenna. She is running Dr. Freedman’s office. She has too many things to do. Jenna updates patients’ records, sends samples to the lab, and ensures that the office is stocked with supplies. She also keeps the doctor’s appointment book and makes all calls to patients by herself to minimize no show appointments.
With TheEzCall, you will not waste any valued time making reminder calls. TheEzCall does it all.
Register to TheEzcall server, upload your file, CLICK, AND GO! It’s just that super easy! Or you can use TheEzcall Free complementary system for Appointment Scheduling and no file uploading is required.
You get 2 in 1. (The moment you schedule an appointment for the customer you can set the call reminder as well). is a web based application that only requires an internet connection and a web browser such as (Firfox, IE or Chrome etc.). This makes it possible to log in to our secured website from any computer or Smart phone, ANY TIME OF THE day, and view the results of your client reminder calls online.
TheEzcall has friendly and understandable interface. You don’t have to be advanced computer user to operate
TheEzcall gives your clients multiple options to reschedule or cancel appointments via phone, text or e-mail messaging.
Also you can setup multiple attempts to reach your clients if the line is busy or there's no answer.
You can view all appointments in real time on your dashboard after they are being made, including who was contacted, who confirmed, who canceled and who didn’t answer.
Having all this information in real time will enable you to adjust your schedule and fill in the canceled appointments.
You can remind you clients of their appointment an hour, one day, or even up to one year in advance.
You will get a confirmation report of all calls in real time in just one click.
With TheEzCall text and voice messaging you are able to reach all of your clients instantly and get real time response from each client and monitor all activity on your dashboard.
Save an enormous amount of time and money with TheEzCall and free your staff to take on other office responsibilities.
TheEzCall can be useful for many companies and organizations to promote and improve their business. For example, doctor’s office, spas, retail stores, schools, non-profit organizations, parties and event reminders, sports league, political surveys, meetings and business conventions, etc.
Powerful yet simple. Theezcall allows you to market you business with massive digital coupons and promotions. Always be in touch with your clients.
With TheEzCall you can contact from 1 to 100,000 people with a click of button.
Voice messages, Text Messages & e mails is the most effective way to be in touch with your clients.

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