• Homework readings for Bible VI:
o Jonah bit.ly/GUzAKA
o Micah 6, The Lord’s Case Against Israel bit.ly/18u9hVR
o Amos 3-7 bit.ly/H2fwpQ
o Isaiah 6 bit.ly/H8PD7b and 40-66 bit.ly/1cDX2qt
• Reading the Bible Again For the First Time: Taking the Bible Seriously But Not Literally, Marcus Borg amzn.to/19XoDEC
• Understanding the Bible: An Introduction for Skeptics, Seekers, and Religious Liberals, John Buehrens (Amazon Books) amzn.to/14ywlhr
• Understanding the Bible, Beacon Press Discussion Guide beacon.org/client/pdfs/1053_dg.pdf
• Understanding the Bible, Buehrens at 2003 UUA GA (video) uua.org/ga/past/2003/ga2003/169476.shtml
• The United Monarchy of Israel (David, Saul, Solomon) web.campbell.edu/faculty/vandergriffk/INTMonarchy.html
• King Solomon’s Temple jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Judaism/The_Temple.html
• Kinds of Prophets exm.nr/17jT5Xs
• The Major Prophets (analysis) bible.org/seriespage/major-prophets
• A Divided Nation: The Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Israel simpletoremember.com/articles/a/a_divided_nation/
• The Exile jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/History/Exile.html
• After The Exile and the Second Temple jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/History/Exile1.html
• The Maccabees: History and Overview jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/History/Maccabees.html
• Handel’s Messiah, Libretto opera.stanford.edu/iu/libretti/messiah.htm
• Holy, Holy, Holy (hymn) hymnary.org/text/holy_holy_holy_lord_god_almighty_early
• Literary Structure of the Bible, scroll down to “The Prophetic Books”, themes and purposes bit.ly/19FkeUh
• Abraham Joshua Heschel, on The Prophets (pdf) gatherthepeople.org/Downloads/PROPHETS.pdf
• The Prophetic Imagination of Walter Brueggemann (On Being) bit.ly/1iiUgHV

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