Ourim Toumim is the fruit of the encounter of two talented artists Jon Grandcamp and Emma Lamadji.
Ourim Toumim gives Emma the opportunity to sing her melodies and lyrics in her mother tongue, which is the Central African Sango language, but also in English, while an all new creative playground opens for Jon, somewhere deep between the crossroads of current and world music that both consume him. Ourim Toumim is an artistic cry, the framework for a furiously free and sincere duo, an “Afroriginal” fusion. The band unites more musicians, such as, two guitarists, a bass guitarist, and a keyboarder, and combines African rhythms with a groovy soul energy, spiced with electro and rock music elements – a radically new style. The language spoken by this exciting combo is universal, generous, and accessible to all. It is the language of humanity, enhanced by its singularities.

Emma Lamadji: Voice, composition, lyrics, arrangements.
Jon Grandcamp: Drums, percussions, composition, arrangements.

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