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So I started out with about twelve 2D circles that I joined together to make a cloud reminiscent of a paper castle I had seen shared on Facebook or Pinterest or something...and sometimes I would get really crappy shadow effects across what should have simply been a white plane (simulating paper, after all). But the joined circles are actually made up of something like twenty triangles...multiplied across the number of circles with join points I don't really understand (for instance, it doesn't behave the same way combining vector shapes in CorelDraw works, for instance).

So...extruded the two clouds I already had on the timeline and then created a cloud shape using the same basic circles I had used in Blender but in CorelDraw, and then saved the single layer object as a curve in Scalable Vector Graphics format and then imported that into Blender. The result is the little cloud object in this video.

This video is also an H.264 render from within Blender using the help from Andrew Price's tutorial over at blenderguru.com/videos/rendering-animations/ . I had been rendering out the animation as individual PNG's and then using those images as fodder for Windows Movie Maker...but the WMM doesn't allow very accurate decimal values for the millisecond value for each frame...and so I was getting some frame dropoffs...or what looked like frame dropoffs at any rate. I mean, what do you want for a free family tool from Microsoft?

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