LIFX is a Wi-Fi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED lightbulb that users can control with a smartphone. LIFX helps users take complete control of their lights so home automation and energy management can be achieved.

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Control every light from your phone

Using LIFX enables users to set the color and brightness for each LIFX bulb. In addition, groups of LIFX bulbs can be created and controlled simultaneously. LIFX gives users the ability to control and automate individual or groups of lights, and delivers that control to users through a convenient and intuitive application which can be used on any smart device. The combination of specific control and useful automation makes LIFX a suitable complete lighting system for your home or office.

Beautifully bright colored light

Enjoy bright white light (1000 lumens) and choose from the entire range of warm and cool. In addition, users can take advantage of LIFX complete color spectrum to create environments or moods, easily accessible through the accompanying LIFX application. Users can save favorite color combinations and return to favorite light settings with a single tap. LIFX helps users create the perfect lighting for watching movies, waking up in the morning, entertaining or studying.

Wall switches still work

With LIFX you can still use your wall switches to turn bulbs on and off. With your smartphone you can also instantly dim your bulb to any brightness and choose any color.

Easy Installation

LIFX bulbs can be installed in all standard light bulb sockets, and will continue to continue to work with existing wall switches. The LIFX application allows users to dim and control the color of any or all LIFX bulbs and is available for a free download on any iOS or Andriod app enabled device. LIFX does not require any hubs, control boxes or electricians.

Technology in every bulb

Every LIFX bulb is Wi-Fi enabled which allows users to easily communicate with their lights and for LIFX lights to easily communicate and coordinate with each other. LIFX bulbs are powered by LED technology which is extremely energy efficient and long lasting. Additionally, each light uses only minimal amounts of standby power.

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