So many good things to write about this wedding. First of all, this is a Bicol wedding, a place we've been to several times for vacations. A place we really quite love. The food is excellent and so are the extremely welcoming people.

During our meetings with Dijae & Lois, we could not help but notice how much they smiled and laughed at the silliest of things and how those smiles and laughter was so contagious that we would laugh along with them. We wanted to show that in their video. We think we did...easily! You see, there are five of us in our team. And the silliest and craziest of those five is Joash…the groom's best man and Lois' good friend! Having him around brought out the comical tandem of Dijae & Joash and not only in their room, he even brought the silliness in Lois' room!

Jokes aside, this was a really lovely experience for the couple and for the team as well. It was pure joy that it did not feel like work at all!

Coordinator: Nicey Arafiles
Photographer: Danica Condez

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