Shifted rib can shape a rib pattern or a whole garment. There are many ways to work shifted rib.
In this DROPS video we have decreased on each side of 6 sts in rib (as in DROPS 119-3), so that the piece is shaped in a little bow at the back of the back piece and the number of stitches are decreased.
Once we start to knit no more sts should be dec, so therefore we will inc in each side on the same row as we are making the dec. Since we are inc just as many sts as we are dec, the number of sts will stay the same.
Following the pattern we inc after 1st marker, dec before 2nd marker, dec after 3rd marker and inc before 4th marker - and this is done on each row worked from the right side.
The sts that are inc with a yo shall be worked twisted on next row (i.e work in back loop) and also be worked into the rib pattern between markers.
In pattern 119-3 you inc by making a yo, and dec by purling 2 sts tog.
In other patterns we describe other inc and dec methods, but the idea of shifting the rib and shape the garment is the same.

To see a pattern with this technique, see: DROPS catalog 119-3

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