Welcome to a Transframe lesson from Pixel Film Studios.

Transframe allows Final Cut Pro X Users to create custom transitions without having to worry about key framing the camera movements. 

Users can simply change the position of the two video clips, change the environment and adjust the camera settings. Transframe will do the rest.

There are over 36 camera movement presets that come with Transframe. But for this example, we are going to show the power of the Transframe master transition.

We will start by Dragging the Transframe transition between two clips. Then scaling the it to the desired length.

Select the transition in the timeline, then in the top right of the screen you will see a variety of options and parameters that can be adjusted. 

We will begin by placing our play head in the center of the transition and clicking the edit mode check box.

You can uncheck edit mode and preview the look you have created at anytime to make sure everything is looking just right.

In the path offset adjust the Z Parameter. This will allow your camera to pull back and forward in your scene. 

Next will be positioning the clips.

Adjust the first Clip Position and rotation parameters anyway you want. 

Now do the same to the 2nd Clip. You will see the custom path you have created between your two clips. 

To achieve a bigger look and feel to your scene, adjust the angle of view settings. 

The DOF Blur Amount camera setting ads depth to your transition. You adjust this achieve a shallow Focal range. Transframe will automatically rack focus for you between the two clips. 

It’s as simple as that. No keyframes and time saved.

Now lets play with the environment.

You can Start by changing the Color Of your environment that best match the mood of your clips.

Then decide if you want a floor and/or ceiling in your environment. Adjust the
height, Reflectivity and reflective blur amount to get the look you want.

Now for some final touches.

Choose from several particles types and add them to your environment. Change the colors, count and area your particles will reside. This will give the viewer a better sense of movement of the camera as the particles create a parallax effect. when DOF Blur is on, you will really feel the depth of the scene.

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