This is a demo of catcorr.js—short for categorical correlation—an open-source data visualization tool jointly developed by Datascope Analytics and IDEO. Catcorr.js makes it easy to visualize relationships between categorical variables (e.g., results from a survey) in order to generate hypotheses and visually evaluate the data in a useful way.

More details can be found here:

Ubuntu Light used for catcorr.js logo:
All icons used were sourced from the excellent noun project.
Excel by Vytautas Alech
Pie Chart by P.J. Onori
Bar Graph by Fernando Vasconcelos
Presentation by Joris Hoogendoorn
Line Graph by Scott Lewis
Analysis by OCHA AVMU
Analysis by OCHA AVMU
Group by riyazali
Group by Fission Strategy
Group by Ian Mawle

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