SOS. Save Our Safety. This month commemorates the 10th anniversary of the Old Fire. In that disaster, my wife and I lost our first home and all our possessions. We started over from the dirt, rebuilding our home and our lives. This coupled with only weeks earlier Ken and Joyce Helland, my wife's parents both passed. The fire storm destroyed nearly 1000 structures, burned 90,000 plus acres and killed 6 people.

Still today I find a massive amount of ignorance and selfishness on San Bernardino's City Council. Politicians who think its prudent to contract away our fire protection and paramedics. I say NO to Councilman, Fred Shorett and his supporters who knowingly or unknowingly further destroy this city through their policy, using the name of bankruptcy as their scape goat.

Maybe this is their scorched earth policy? San Bernardino sure seems to have been the dumping ground with little to no support from county "partners." It's very sad that the residents have to fight like this for what everyones agrees is an A1 priority. We will see soon who really means what they said.

Don't believe Mr. Shorett when he tells you we can get the same level of service for less money. Less money means less service, defined by: response time, skill level or tool chest if and when Mr. Shorett plays enough games and outsources our safety.

I don't say this lightly but he has lied to the public and has failed the residents of San Bernardino and the 4th ward time and time again. This is yet another attempt to pull the wool over our eyes.

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