BrainCert is a web-based online eLearning platform that provides the most dynamic course creation tools and features available, to make learning as well as teaching more interesting and making it possible anywhere and everywhere.

The traditional classroom concept required an existing classroom and only then teaching and learning could take place, but with the help of BrainCert only education is real, everything else is virtual.

E-learning tools can be used as either free or paid. Instructors retain 90% of sales revenue earned from selling tests and courses.

Key Features
- Virtual Classroom provides a true collaborative, and interactive virtual learning experience to conduct live engaging classes and conferences anytime, and anywhere.

- BrainCert’s adaptive testing platform allows creating and delivering highly professional, advanced, secure, and feature-rich tests online easily.

- Easily publish or embed both public and private content from anywhere on the internet maximizing browser and device coverage.

- Easily create and publish courses using BrainCert’s advanced course creation tools.

Key Facts
Founded in January 2000.
Relaunched in October 2013.

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