Artist Statement

The title of the exhibition is part of the opening phrase from a poem I wrote in the Spring of 2013. Originally titled Missing, the poem was written in Savannah, Georgia, in the wake of shooting The Needle in the Blade of Grass (a large-scale project dealing with the issue of missing children).

After living with the poem for a few days, the idea for shooting 'Her Name and the Words used to Describe Her' came about, and over the following weeks, with the help of some amazing people, I was able to realize the project. In particular, I would like to thank Micah Chelen for her inspired set building and commitment to not just this project, but to Needle in the Blade of Grass too.. She is a great talent. I would also like to thank Tyler Tunney for his friendship, and the Tunney Family for letting me invade their lives.

Unlike The Needle in the Blade of Grass, this show deals more with the idea of who we are as people and what goes missing in our lives as we get older. We don't have to be physically missing to be missing. Scarred by incidents in our childhoods, a lot of us muddle through adulthood as though we are guilty of some terrible crime. We are not. This show is about forgiveness.

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