Just after sunset, on October 26th, 2013. as i was doing evening chores, closing up the chicken coop for the evening, i noticed the common milkweed i had allowed to grow along our gold raspberry patch. i thought it was especially beautiful in the colored light of dusk, and i stopped to make a few photos. it was only after the wind played with the seeds and my focus was challenging, that thought to make a video. this 135 seconds is all there is :-)
from wikipee- Asclepias species produce their seeds in follicles. The seeds, which are arranged in overlapping rows, have white, silky, filament-like hairs known as pappus, silk, or floss. The follicles ripen and split open, and the seeds, each carried by several dried pappi, are blown by the wind. They have many different flower colorations.

the music is by the beautiful and talented Adam Rafferty. the song is entitled Grass, from the Gratitude cd, and i do apologize for so rudely truncating it midstream!



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