I'm an award winning director of photography/cinematographer living in Los Angeles and an alumni of Columbia College. I've been shooting feature films and documentaries for over 16 years and shooting live bands, concerts and MVs for over 23 years.

This is the latest version of my demo reel, updated 2/9/14. My reel is comprised of 11 scenes taken from 8 different features and one live music video*.

All of the footage is either 35mm, 16mm, 4K, 2K or 1080p; the budgets for these features range from $10,000 to $1.2 million.

I hope you enjoyed watching my reel. : )

Here's the breakdown of the formats:

1. 1080p (fisheye lens test footage)
2. 35mm (the Substance of Things Hoped For)
3. 4K (Cyblings)
4. 2K (The Control Group)
5. 16mm (the Playaz Court)
6. 1080p (the Crying Dead)
7. 16mm/ (Dimples)
8. 4K (Infected)
9. 1080p (By the Wayside)
10. 1080p (Subhumans 2010 U.S. tour)
11. 1080p (fisheye lens test footage)

* This was probably the most difficult live MV I've ever shot - the venue was so packed it was almost impossible to move around plus I kept getting knocked on my butt by the crowd. However, the Subhumans were extremely gracious and accommodating and I cannot thank them enough.

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