... and for the last day of CPAWS Week for the Wild, we bring you the Leatherback Sea Turtle.

The leatherback sea turtle is experiencing a serious, world-wide population decline and has lost 70% of its numbers in the last 15 years. Pollution is a huge threat to the Leatherback. They often die from ingesting floating plastic bags or balloons, which they mistake for jellyfish. Help us protect more of our marine environment and clean up our ocean.

Plants and Animals are proud to be working with CPAWS in their 50th anniversary year to raise awareness for Week for the Wild. CPAWS is Canada’s leading national voice for wilderness protection and over the past fifty years has played a key role in the creation of over two-thirds of Canada’s protected areas. That amounts to about half a million square kilometres – an area bigger than the entire Yukon Territory! CPAWS’ vision is that Canada will protect at least half of our public lands and waters.

Week for the Wild is a fundraising week for the protection of endangered species in Canada. We have created seven videos, each one featuring an endangered species. The videos are made entirely by the members of Plants and Animals - directed by the Woodman, live illustrations by Warren, and flute by Nic, with narration by Henry Rose.

Visit CPAWS.org for more info and to donate.

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