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“Sundays at Cafe Tabac” is the story of a weekly queer salon in the gritty New York City of 1993 that transformed lesbian nightlife and gave birth to the media term “Lesbian Chic”.

Told through the collective memory of the diverse, stylish, and mainly lesbian patrons who ascended up the stairs of East Village hotspot Café Tabac, this film documents a community defining itself at a time of significant and irreversible transformations both locally and globally. Inspired by the fashion, art, music and nightlife of the era, as well as the communal and literary salons of Paris and Berlin in the 20′s and 30′s, our film examines the popularity of this salon and the lasting impression it left on New York City’s lesbian community.

The musically-rich film is part time capsule, part dream machine, part portrait study, and part celebration of the memorable personalities of this community and the downtown NYC queer scene. We will survey the forces that shaped this culturally unique moment with an eye towards better understanding current lesbian culture and visualizing the future directions of our community.

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