A recreation of the St Andrews Cathedral as it was in 1318. Today the remains of St Andrews Cathedral only hint at its former glory. The Open Virtual Worlds group at the University of St Andrews, in collaboration with Professor Richard Fawcett from the school of Art History, have used Virtual World technology to create an interactive reconstruction of the Cathedral as it was when first built.

The model is available online. If you wish to explore it for yourself simply create a login and connect to the Apollo grid using a virtual world client.

To create a login: virtualworlds.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk/cathedral/login.php (once completed you will be given a link to download a virtual world client).
The apollo grid can be found at: apollo.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk:8002.
For more information about the open virtual worlds group: openvirtualworlds.org

Reconstruction primarily funded by St Andrews Community Trust and University of St Andrews 600 Committee

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