Am I Collective and MetropolitanRepublic's latest spot for telecom company MTN tells the history of the book, beginning in Babylonian times. "Yet ... there's always been one small problem – the knowledge inside these books has only been within the reach of a select few," the narrator posits. "But now that your SIM card can be your library card, all these books are available on any mobile device, which means they can reach people and places they ever could before."
"[We] decided to use the book for the second commercial because it's an object of relevant importance that has changed through the ages," said director Ruan Vermeulen. "The ad showcases how knowledge can be brought to everyone via digital devices, which is one of MTN's main marketing principles, especially in Africa." He noted that "the amount of information presented needed to be condensed a lot more than" in the first ad featuring the wallet. "We used clever animation transitions, like flipping through pages, to show the evolution of print and the evolution of the book, in return. We also made sure the transition from live action to stop-frame to 3D was seamless."
A third advertisement is already in the works. Check out the book commercial and a making-of video at right.
Client: MTN Corporate
Production Company: Am I Collective Cape Town
Director: Ruan Vermeulen
Producer: Arnelle Woker
Assistant producer: Chantal de Kock
Animation: Killer Robot VFX
Props: SBB Fabrication
Stop-frame supervisor: Lindsay van Blerk at XYZOO
Stop-frame camera rigger/operator: Heiko Von Fintel at EYE ON LOCATION
Production: IKRAAL

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