A well-conceived and executed infographic can make sense of otherwise impenetrable data, illuminate a telling pattern, or explain a complex idea in 30 seconds or less — a neat trick in an era of information overload.

Of course, it takes a bit longer to create a compelling narrative graphic, often involving teams of people and hours, days, or weeks of conceptualization, design, and iteration. But not today!

Through the magic of compulsive screenshot-taking, I've compressed that laborious process into a 30-second sprint — roughly matching the speed of infographic consumption. Decisions and design iterations that required a 24-hour review cycle happen in the blink of an eye. So don't blink. You may miss something.

(A big shout-out to trade guru Ed Gerwin and the Third Way Economic Program team who bravely entrusted their important policy work to a subversive "creative type"). For more infographic fun, visit flickr.com/photos/billrapp or follow me @billrapp.

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