Our friends at the New York Film Academy made this for us.
Check out the thumping electric version here: soundcloud.com/bluesundaymusic/wickedways
Go here for more: bluesundaymusic.com/

Producer - Natalie Allante
Producer/Casting Director - Rachel Talbot
Producer - Hiba Harb

Director & Director of Photography - Caroline M. Stucky
Assistant Camera - Nick Smith
Assistant Director - Hiba Harb

Mo - Mohamed Youssef
Blond Neighbour - Elena Mehas
Brunette - Meredith Antoin
Little Girl on Bicycle - Lila Hoelzl
Room Mate 1 - Kenny Kempisty
Room mate 2 - Rachel Talbot
Downstairs Neighbour - Natalie Allante
Postman - Peter Gon
Dog Walker - Cristina Pesquiera
Dog - Augustin

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