Director/Cinematographer: Gianluca Sansevrino
Actors: Livia Roscioli and Filippo Lilli
Camera Operator: Edoardo Rebecchi
Editor: Adriano Patruno
Post Production: REDIGITAL, Roma
Special thanks to: Vittorio Antonacci, Chiara Lu, Noemi Di Gioia

Life & Limb is the collaboration between Andrea Mangia of Lecce, Italy and Mike McGuire of New York. In 2006 the two discovered each other’s solo recordings online under the names Populous and Short Stories respectively. Shortly thereafter came their first release, the single “Breathes the Best”, released in 2006 on Morr Music, followed by the full-length ‘Drawn In Basic’.

After a sabbatical working on other projects the two came back together in 2011 with new material. The influences were still broad, ranging from Flying Lotus and Broadcast to Will Oldham. However the pair felt the new recordings were more cohesive and diverged from their past work. Accordingly, a new name seemed necessary. Life & Limb was born. Enclaves released this new self-titled album in November 2012 to much acclaim, with Gold Flake Paint describing the album as “a delicious slice of dreamscape that will enable any listener to instantly fall in love; laid back summer vibes intermingle with hazy synths and syrupy vocals, creating something purely escapist”.

Six months later the band issued the ‘Fool’s Nest’ EP, and now, a year on from the self-titled album, Enclaves is proud to release the ‘Carry On’ EP; once again highlighting the duo’s pop nous and their music’s deceptive emotional depth. Accompanied by yet another stunning video, an exclusive b-side and a clutch of remixes from Sun Glitters, Aquadrop and labelmates Echopark, the ‘Carry On’ EP is both a full-stop and a jumping-in point to the band’s recent catalogue.

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