Technologies change daily. Android. iOS. Ruby on rails. Node.js. .NET Java Clojure AWS etc. etc. etc. are all in flux. What they are today won’t be what they are tomorrow. Should one even specialize in any of these?

The real question is – what is the best way to invest your time?

We believe we have the answer – stay focused on fundamentals as you build real world products.

Because fundamentals change like glaciers – surely but really slowly. And working on real world products is the best way to understand how technologies are used in real life.

Someone with a solid grasp of fundamentals will easily navigate changing technologies. And someone without – will often be stuck in their field, unable to navigate their way around when technologies change.

We know Google has most of the answers – and in a few short months, we’ll make sure you’re always able to ask the right questions as you progress in your career.

The founders Aditya Narayan and Harish Shadadpuri are seasoned technology entrepreneurs who founded 1to1Tutor, a successful online Math education service which has tutored over 20,000 students over the past 6 years. The company received US Government approval under No Child Left Behind in over 15 US states.

Aditya holds an MS and BS in Physics from IIT Kanpur – India’s top tech school. He was a senior technology executive at Marvel and Head of Security Architecture at Starwood Hotels. He was also the founder and CTO of QCD Microsystems which developed the highly popular Windows-Linux interoperability platform ‘InterStructures’. At 1to1 Tutor he pioneered online math tutoring in the US starting in 2005. And he has written plenty of well regarded technical articles published by IBM. Harish has a very long track record of successful startups and venture investments. In 2006, he co-founded 1to1 Tutor and has been instrumental in growing the company from 200 students to 20,000 students.

With these experienced guys playing a very active role in the training and internship programs – our program is certainly unique.

Come hang out with us at our “Silicon Alley” campus and develop something cool. Our doors are open and our Macs and our minds are always on. Oh and there’s free coffee and wi-fi too.

See all of our events on Meetup!

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